Kids teepee tent natural montessori kids room

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Kids teepee tent natural montessori kids room

It's a real experience playing in this cavalry tent. Parents can also fit in. Mom and dad let's go for an adventure!


The sheriff asked the military cavalry for help in curbing bandits that had multiplied around the city. The cavalry followed the trail all day leading from the railroad to the Colorado River. As the sun began to descend over the wilderness, the wise captain pointed to an altitude, "Let's set up camp there!" They set up their tents and set out for their dinner. They did not set fire because they would have called the bandits' attention from afar. "Relax, we're safe here." the captain said, "we'll catch them tomorrow ...." Military cavalry tent made of hardwood and raw linen. Quickly disassemble when you need to leave ... Children's play tent dimensions width: 135 cm, depth: 130 cm height: 130 cm

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